Change Nat Strict or Moderate to Open in COD Vanguard

If you are facing Strict or Moderate NAT Issues in Call of Duty Vanguard. Then this guide will help you out. Continue reading to find out.

What is NAT and Nat Types?

Before proceeding further let’s understand what NAT is and what strict and moderate NAT creates:

NAT, or Network Address Translation, is a technology that allows you to connect multiple computers on a network using one IP address. It’s used to make sure the computers can only access resources they have been given permission to. NAT is used to provide different types of services in a home environment: Hosting a server – For example, hosting Minecraft servers, or playing online games.

In our case, the game is Call of Duty Vanguard.

  • Open: You can host multiplayer lobbies and easily connect to other players
  • Moderate: You cannot host multiplayer lobbies, and might have problems with connecting to other players frequently.
  • Strict: This NAT type is the worst and will create multiple issues. If you have this NAT type, it is recommended you read our article to fix the issues.

Strict NAT means that the network is configured to allow only the ports from the specified list. Any other ports are blocked. This option is helpful if you use a firewall on a home router and do not want to block all ports on the Internet, but still want to block most of the ports used by malware and viruses. But in case of multiplayer games, you will have issues.

There are multiple things we can do to fix this

Change UPnP Settings in Router

As the name suggests, UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is a networking protocol for discovering and controlling network-connected devices. The protocol allows networked devices to connect and exchange data with one another easily.

To change UPnP settings > Go to your router’s advanced settings by logging into the admin panel and changing the UPnP settings.

This should normally fix your network issues. If not, then let’s proceed to Port Forwarding.

Port Forwarding To Fix Vanguard NAT Issues

Port forwarding allows you to configure your router so that any device that has a particular port open on your router can connect to the internet. This could be useful for several reasons, including allowing your computer to access the internet when it’s not connected to a network, or for allowing your smartphone to use a wifi hotspot while on the go. 

PS4 and PS5 Ports for Vanguard

  • TCP: 1935, 3478-3480
  • UDP: 3074-3079, 3478-3479

Xbox One / S Ports for Vanguard

  • 53, 3074, 53, 88, 500, 3544, 4500

PC Ports for Vanguard

  • TCP: 3074, 27014-27050
  • UDP: 3074-3079

Using the port information given above, head to your router’s advanced settings. Here are the steps:

  • Find out your router’s admin panel. For me it is, you can search for this on Google
  • Once you have logged in, go to the advanced settings of your panel
  • For my TP Link-Router, I had to go to Advanced > NAT Forwarding
  • Once you have figured out the port forwarding area for your router, enter the entries given above
  • Save your settings and restart your router

Your NAT type should change to open now. You can also whitelist the game from your Anti-virus or Windows Firewall.

Whitelist the game on Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a built-in feature of the Windows operating system that controls access to computers on a network. The Windows Firewall helps to protect your computer and your network by preventing unauthorized access. It also helps to prevent malicious programs from accessing your computer. It does this by controlling what kind of programs you can run, what information you can send or receive over the Internet, and which websites you can visit.

To unblock the game, just open Windows Firewall and add a new Inbound/Outbound rule for the .exe file of COD Vanguard.

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

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